Beatriz Martínez Martínez
Social & Market Researcher.
Data visualizer.


This is Beatriz, a sociologist and a publicist working as social and market researcher. I have been doing this job for more than five years, taking part in projects that cover a (as much as I can) wide variety of topics, ranging from rural development to usability tests, including communication, User Generated Content and Social Media, Inclusive Social programs impact...

In these years, I have always tried to report meaningful, well communicated insights through visual communication of the information. In addition, I have always liked the design and building things. I figure out that is why, about two years ago, I decided to learn some programming languages to design and build data visualizations.

I started by learning R, followed by d3.js, HTML and CSS. As I hadn't any programming background and I've been learning on my own, this is taking a while. I should thank you to the resources that have helped me in this trip, such as the Coursera platform, Scott Murray and his book 'Interactive Data Visualization for the Web', the great CSS tutorials frontazo by Sebastián Hermida and many many contributors at

Currently, I am available! seeking a position in a team or project, requiring research and information visualization skills. You can take a look at my resume here.

Thanks for visiting me!