Hi, I'm Beatriz.

I am a Data Visualization designer and developer, with a strong background in research.

After graduating as a Sociologist and a Advertising & PR, I started my professional career as a researcher. I worked simultaneously doing user research for digital products and carrying out social studies. I loved and I still love being a researcher, but what attracted me the most was finding and communicating revealing insights in a clear and engaging way.

In 2012 I started out on my self-taught Data Visualization journey. That was when code came into my life. I also realized that developing the visualizations was as fun as finding and communicating the research insights. I specially enjoy working with D3.js, in which I specialized.

One year later I started my career as a Data Visualizer. That's 10 years of experience already.

Currently, I work creating unique, made-to-order data visualizations, expressly designed for a specific dataset, so I mainly work with static data, no matter how big or small. I also create reusable data visualizations, for those datasets with identical structure but different content.

I love mails, hearing about new projects and challenges so feel free to contact me with any questions, any data project or even just to say hello.

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Women fertility & Age

Sanitas, a leading international health company, wanted to publish an article about female fertility on their data blog. Although the company had some registered data, it wasn't sufficient to tell a story.

Since there wasn't data enough, I conducted an extensive desk research, digging through scientific papers and official data sources. By gathering all the information I got the knowledge to explain the phenomenon of female fertility on a global scale (while recognizing that every woman's body is unique, of course).

Once I had all the details, I designed and developed a compelling storytelling and an interactive recommender that visually illustrates how female fertility varies over time, providing users with a clear and concise explanation of the phenomenon.

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